You misread/misunderstood that question. I meant it in its entirety: if I don’t agree to sleep with him by the second date, will I never hear from again?

You may say: Yeah, most guys in today’s dating world expect sex that quickly.

You’re entitled to that opinion.

But I’m not cut that way. I wish there was a way to determine these things out of the gate, but I have yet to discover the right way to do that.

If I put it out there immediately that I’m not going to sleep with a guy quickly, he typically doesn’t believe me. Usually that’s on my gender. I have an entire story on that:

If a guy straight-up just wants to have sex with me and isn’t actually interested in getting to know me, I would prefer to know stat before I ever meet him or on the first date.

If he meets me once and I never hear from again, that’s cool.

But if he pretends to want to know me and then ghosts me after the second date because I didn’t sleep with him, that does bother me.

Don’t like me because I drink too much Cherry Coke or I have a kid or you don’t like that I’m a planner or whatever. But to ghost me SOLELY because I didn’t have sex with you that quickly, I wish you had told me that sex was all that mattered to you.

Thank you for reading.

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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