To be clear: one or two shots at the gym/5k/running event type thing — no problem! But add in cliched “live life to the fullest” AND working as a trainer…that is NOT my guy! (And I’m not likely to be his chick either!)

I prefer guys in a svelte suit over a gym shot. For better or worse, I’m into a guy that’s got a nice dash of James Bond to him (minus the killing and constant misogyny). Cardigans, slim pants, glasses, and big words turn me on more than a gym shot ever would. (Especially regarding a stranger. Once I know someone/have a connection, then things shift for me.)

I’m probably abnormal. (I’m laughing. I’m sure I’m more than a bit unusual!)

I must add: I have dated ALL TYPES of guys. I’m just talking about the distinction for me between gym shots vs. a sharp-dressed guy on a profile.

Please remember this is MY list of 20 thoughts I’ve had. Some of them are fairly universal, but some of them are probably fairly unique to me.

No harm in showing off your hard-earned physique! You should “do you!”

Thanks for reading and responding, J Apple Muncy!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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