To be clear: I can count on one hand how many stories made the $300–400 range. Always dating stories, but only a small handful did that well. I’m very blessed to have those at all, but I know others on Medium make thousands. I know I will NEVER make that kind of money with my stories and most of mine make a tiny fraction! Which is fine.

Anyhoo, I think your poetry is so interesting and I’m not surprised at all that you have success with it. I am surprised that you don’t particularly enjoy it — I would have never guessed!

It’s interesting that you share some of your stories need to come out of you. That’s how some of my mixtapes evolve. They reveal themselves to me. It’s my job to listen to them. That’s not always the case, but with some of them that is exactly how it feels.

I try not to force them too much because usually they will eventually let me know how they are supposed to end up. (Not always. I really struggled with my most recent music story yesterday.)

I think the biggest compliment was your first paragraph. I have written exactly 2 stories about writing on Medium. (I’ve written about trolls and my relationships on Medium, but actual stories about writing on Medium? 2.) My point: it was really important to me in approaching this story that I bring something authentic and worthwhile. I know that you are always honest, so it’s an enormous compliment to me to get your seal of approval on this story.

Many thanks for sharing your insight, White Feather!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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