Three Dudes Told Me Not to Move to Savannah

I’m Doing It Anyway

Bonnie Barton
6 min readJan 29, 2023
Jones Street is out of my budget/credit: author’s photo

Me: “I’m considering moving to Savannah once my son graduates from high school in May. That’s my loose plan anyway.”

Bumble Eligible Bachelor: “Can I give you my honest opinion?”

Me: “Of course.”

Eligible Bachelor: “Savannah is poor and dirty. It doesn’t have anything going for it. Nothing upscale. You should consider Charleston instead.”

Me: “Well, yes, Charleston is lovely but real estate is 50% more there. Savannah is more affordable and closer to my family and friends in North Florida.”

Eligible Bachelor: “If it was me, instead of 900 square feet in Savannah, I’d choose 600 square feet in Charleston.”


Also me (in my head): “You have got to be kidding me! You have a 6600 square foot house plus many additional investment properties flung across the US. I own exactly one home. I don’t want to live in 600 square feet! And it’s awfully smug and elitist of you to casually say I should suck up my housing situation to accommodate your idea of the right address.”

I was caught off guard by how flippant he was. We had never discussed my budget or what I was looking for or square footage. Look, I understand his not liking Savannah. (A…



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