Three Dudes Told Me Not to Move to Savannah

I’m Doing It Anyway

Bonnie Barton
6 min readJan 29


Jones Street is out of my budget/credit: author’s photo

Me: “I’m considering moving to Savannah once my son graduates from high school in May. That’s my loose plan anyway.”

Bumble Eligible Bachelor: “Can I give you my honest opinion?”

Me: “Of course.”

Eligible Bachelor: “Savannah is poor and dirty. It doesn’t have anything going for it. Nothing upscale. You should consider Charleston instead.”

Me: “Well, yes, Charleston is lovely but real estate is 50% more there. Savannah is more affordable and closer to my family and friends in North Florida.”

Eligible Bachelor: “If it was me, instead of 900 square feet in Savannah, I’d choose 600 square feet in Charleston.”


Also me (in my head): “You have got to be kidding me! You have a 6600 square foot house plus many additional investment properties flung across the US. I own exactly one home. I don’t want to live in 600 square feet! And it’s awfully smug and elitist of you to casually say I should suck up my housing situation to accommodate your idea of the right address.”

I was caught off guard by how flippant he was. We had never discussed my budget or what I was looking for or square footage. Look, I understand his not liking Savannah. (A crazy ex-girlfriend was from there and surely that tainted his opinion.) But even beyond that, he’s entitled to prefer a different town. But his comment went beyond sharing that he wasn’t a fan of Savannah. It seemed a bit presumptuous to tell me how to live my life.

He’s the most accomplished man I’ve ever known. He’s a brilliant person. But his dismissiveness was unattractive.

While I was visiting Savannah this past summer, I matched with a handsome guy. It turns out he had been vacationing in nearby Hilton Head. For my longtime followers, he looked a lot like my dream guy, the guy with eyes the color of the Mediterranean Sea.

We slowly got to know each other. He’s in the process of selling his property in his long-time home, San Francisco, so he can make his move to the East Coast.

He had very recently been viciously dumped by his longtime girlfriend. It was just as well we couldn’t…



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