The Eye of the Beholder

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I am WAY overdue for a musical dedication. I heard a song, probably “Sexy Eyes,” the other day and knew I had a kernel of an idea for a future mixtape.

A few days later I was flabbergasted when I read that the fabulous Niki Marinis’ last serious relationship ended a year ago. I guess time truly does march on.

I know she’s been working on healing herself, nonetheless, I have grieved for my friend. I’ve thought of her often this week and because I am not a normal human, this is how I’m honoring her.

So…today’s mixtape features songs about eyes! She’s got some of the most striking, so why not?!?

Sure, I’ve got some anticipated songs today in the mix, but you’ll find surprises aplenty. Live performances, reimagined tunes, larger than life classics, and some very lustrous tresses. And, duh, LOTS of eyes!

Oh, my! I realized I was biting my lip within 30 seconds. I mean, one should be turned on listening to a song entitled “Temptation,” no?

I’ve always been into really rough-around-the-edges New Order and remixed-to-kingdom-come New Order. This is the former and it’s uber-sexy. Raw, imperfect, and impassioned. (Bernard Sumner rarely shows us that side. It’s always an unexpected treat when we get snarling Bernard.)

I can’t believe this cut is 8 minutes. It absolutely flies by!

And for the record, my eyes change colors. (They definitely aren’t as stunning as my talented, snarky, gorgeous friend, Ms. Marinis.) Depending on what I’m wearing and what the weather’s like, my eyes are like the lyrics of this song.

Oh, I’ve got green eyes. Oh, I’ve got blue eyes. Oh, I’ve got gra-a-a-ay eyes.

This sucker is fun! A little raunchy and a little rockin’. Lyrically, I hear a dash of Prince — no, really.

Motel Eyes” packs a lot of punch for a little early 80s pop-rock song. Rick Springfield is in the zone. Everything about this song is unapologetically direct — it pulsates and drives. I am equal parts smitten, bemused, and riveted.

I can’t leave off this yummy live performance of my fave Hall & Oates tune, “Private Eyes,” by my crush, Mayer Hawthorne, on Daryl’s House.

Almost four decades later and it’s still as catchy as ever!

I reckon if there was a theme song in honor of Ms. Marinis’ eyes, Dr. Hook’s awesome “Sexy Eyes” might be it!

Chances are everyone’s forgotten this one, but not moi. I reside in kitschy circa 1980 land quite often!

This live performance is more rollicking, more jaunty than the studio cut of Jackson Browne’s “Doctor My Eyes.” I dig the exuberance!

I’m pretty sure Crystal Gale is one of Niki’s spirit animals.

This live cut of Grammy award-winning, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” is a hushed, effortless, breathy dream. The music veers ever so slightly jazzier than the radio cut. The piano is really great with bursts of late 70s easy listening-meets-pop-meets-country deliciousness.

Crystal Gale is even more breathtaking than I recalled her. What a beauty!

Creating these mixtapes still feels indulgent, silly, and narcissistic. But sometimes I find magic. And it reminds me why I keep doing this endeavor that is Bonnie’s Mixed Tape.

I like exactly one Coldplay song. (It’s not this one.) #sorrynotsorry

On a whim, I clicked on this link. I decided to give it a chance because Chase Eagleson has good hair. I stayed from the second he opened his mouth.

Green Eyes” is a gorgeous song. Just not when it’s sung by Chris Martin. Chase Eagleson has the far superior voice, especially when accompanied by the lovely Sierra.

Earnest, authentic, and dreamy. Not a single misstep.

Of course, I’m going to include Peter Gabriel’s classic, “In Your Eyes!” But I’m going bigger!

Choreography? You bet ya! One of Michael Jackson’s leftover ensembles? Heck, yeah! A gazillion performers on stage? Why not!

A svelte Peter Gabriel…smiling? Totes!

A joyous, hopeful note to end today’s mixtape in honor of my friend. Keep doing you. Keep writing you. Keep having faith in you. Because I promise you, Niki, you’ve got friends and followers and fans and admirers rooting for you!

Until her 40’s, Bonnie’s worst nightmare included writing and sharing personal stories publicly. At her friends’ suggestion, she bemusedly started Bonnie’s Mixed Tape on Medium in 2017. She remains shocked that anyone reads her stories and that P.S. I Love You, Assemblage, the Writing Cooperative, and the Ascent have published her work.

Bonnie loves all types of music, but really, really, really loves the 80s.

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