Oh, yes! I have the maximum allowed on Bumble (6, I think) and about 10 on Match.

These guys aren’t really looking for a “photo” of me. They are looking for something, well, pornographic to be honest. They want me naked or semi-naked. It has NOTHING to do with getting to know me. It’s about using me.

I still don’t know why that guy was intimidated by my car! But, yes, that really happened.

The pizza guy — I would have never guessed he would be so sensitive! He’s a business owner. He wasn’t sleazy. But he was really sensitive and high maintenance (emotionally speaking).

You truly never know anyone! I’ve had guys who were Christian, had daughters, upstanding jobs, and/or profile pictures with their children ask disgusting things of me! There is simply no way to predict who is going to be crass, vulgar, or inappropriate.

Trust me, I wish there was a way to weed those guys out before we interacted!

I have come to realize that THAT is one of the reasons I share these stories — so that folks can understand what online dating REALLY looks like (rather than merely saying “it’s rough out there”).

Thanks as always for reading and responding, Ed Smith!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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