Oh, Niki! I am shaking my head over here. It’s just SO absurd, isn’t it? I love France and French things, but I don’t need to date a French dude.

I came to that conclusion earlier this month. I should have known better! (Brits are my jam. Dry sense of humor, the accent, a dash of Bond, and we both speak the same language!)

Anyhoo, said French dude did at least have the cajones to ask me out, but proceeded to make virtually no inquiries about me. (Fine, whatever.) The day of our planned date, I threw out an admittedly lame, but really casual and easy-to-get-to meeting place. He proclaimed my suggestion “too hipster”. And then proceeded to throw out a place that: (1) was a nightmare to park at on super bowl Sunday no less and (2) about 3000 times more hipster than my recommendation.

He also made a really lame joke.

I was out. At least I didn’t totally ghost him, but I made an excuse for needing to cancel and proceeded to block him. (I will admit I don’t have the emotional energy at this point to deal with a potentially pissed off French man.)

Your “director” and questionably “French” guy was ridiculous! Glad you called him out on his shenanigans! You’re the best!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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