My fashion antenna was up while reading this story. I do like that you originally wrote that you felt super cute heading out the door. (Which indicates that at least on some level you approved of your look — beyond “him”.)

I’m sorry that he didn’t get to see you in your cute outfit or interact with you in all your amazingness. That IS disappointing, especially with the effort you put in.

But you learned some valuable lessons in that disappointment so that softens the blow!

Personally, I have found that one of the (few) gifts of being middle-aged is that the “I don’t really care” instincts really start to kick in. I wear ridiculous things that make me smile, but are probably border-line inappropriate. (Not in a sleazy sort of way, just a “I don’t really look very Austin-y” sort of way.)

I care less and less about what others will think of my fashion ensembles! Nonetheless, “appropriateness” has to be factored in.

I had to lecture today and sadly had to leave my latest London acquisition at home. A rainbow-colored purse with a bedazzled eagle head seemed A TAD over-the-top!

Image for post
Image for post

Also I totally agree about the sweats (or, horrors, the ubiquitous athleisurewear). In all honesty, I think MOST people do not look or feel like they are putting their best foot forward by making lazy fashion choices.

Here was my other thought: keep the cute outfit for a future outing and keep the new ‘tude about dressing for yourself!

As ever: #teamniki!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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