Loved this story, No Words, No Song! I have a third theory about Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.”

For years, I was curious about the source of the true meaning behind the lyrics. When I stumbled upon this live performance, I felt like I had my answer: he is just straight up cocky! Lou Rawls practically growls some of the lyrics. It’s a confident delivery of him. (Heck, even the piano playing is showy.)

I never sensed abuse; rather, this guy’s got swagger and strut. Surely, he’s hurt on some level, but I think he might be taken right at his word here. He believes he’s an amazing, wonderful, perfect lover…whether he means it in relation solely to her or to any woman, I couldn’t speculate.

But note the use of “tender,” too. I never sensed abusive. Clueless? Probably. Full of himself? Sure. Sincere? I think so.

Anyway, that over-confidence might be more of an American trait rather than a particularly British one.

In any case, it’s one of my very favorite songs. If anything, I appreciate it, even more, the older I’ve gotten — it’s really flawless.

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