I was going to say this to you the other day, but I think my procrastination has paid off because my timing might be better TODAY:

I’ve been hanging out/writing in Mediumland since October. Admittedly I don’t read as many people as I should, but I have made an effort over these many months to read a decent cross-section of writers within my interests.

I discovered you sometime back and you drew me in very quickly.

More recently I was reflecting on your voice vs. some other more “famous” Medium writers. I realized that I preferred your voice because you don’t do faux raw. You might not be the most polished writer (neither am I — not by a long shot!), but you feel like one of the most real male voices out there.

I can think of some other writers who proclaim their “realness,” but really they’re just basking in the applause. We all want recognition for our writing, of course, and it’s healthy to have that desire. But there are also shenanigans afoot about how raw and vulnerable certain writers are when it’s really thinly disguised bragging. You never veer into that territory and I respect you immensely for it!

You have a sincerity that makes you stand out.

Hat tip to some of my other favorite authentic, real-deal dudes: Jeff Barton, Jonathan Greene, stories and feels, and Dick Millet.

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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