I don’t think we should have executed Bundy.

I totally understand your point. And found this to be a fascinating read!

But I will say that I was raised in Tallahassee from 1972–1993. I was a teen girl when he was executed. My father taught at FSU and I was in a sorority just down the road from where Ted Bundy killed those poor women (not at the same time — I’m about 15 years younger than his victims).

So, yeah, I’m more invested in him than the average person.

I will say that we (the collective “we” in Tallahassee) slept better once he was executed.

I’m not sure that I can explain it rationally, but given what he had done and his escapes…yeah, we felt more peace once he was 100% gone. In a way that his being behind bars simply didn’t provide.

To this day one of my all-time favorite bumper stickers growing up was: I’ll buckle up when Bundy does.

I know that there are lots of reasons for opposing the death penalty or for keeping him alive for his expertise (again, I can understand that reasoning). But this old gal (and MANY, MANY residents in Tally and elsewhere) is glad he’s gone.

Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts, Niki!

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