I think when it’s laid out like this, it’s easy to look back and say: “Yeah. Of COURSE he was going to be that guy.” It’s a bit of Monday morning quarter backing.

It’s a tough line to straddle: keep an open mind about someone (not expecting perfection) but also recognizing signs quickly enough.

Again, he apologized 3 times, did not send another photo, asked me out on a proper date, and checked in on me. Then when we met the first night, he was respectful, seemed interested in me, and point blank said he was looking for a real relationship/special someone.

Sigh. Maybe it’s just a sign of HOW BAD it is out there in the dating world that I decided to give him that second chance.

In any case, I was savvy enough to connect the dots on our second date and not waste any more time. My self from a few years ago would have blamed myself, panicked, spiraled, and never had the guts to call him out like that.

It’s okay if you see it one way. I understand. Again, for me I know this is progress, but my work isn’t done! Thanks for responding.

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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