I think the best way to explain it is this way: I might be wrong, but part of me thinks that maybe some guys have never had a woman tell them how he is making her feel.

In other words: I am trying to find a balance in communicating with guys rather than assuming they are jerks/assholes/selfish. Maybe they truly do not know that some of this behavior is unacceptable to a lot of women, that it is making us uncomfortable.

If I remain silent, then I’m not helping myself, any other women who comes down the line in the future, OR the guy.

It’s a balance: it’s not necessarily my job to take on this responsibility.

But I don’t want to be part of the chorus that heaps blame on men. I’d like to try to be vocal and clear to educate.

Again, though, maybe I’m just a fool. Maybe these guys really are already aware and don’t care. Maybe I’m just wasting my time.

Who am I? I’m nobody. I’m not anyone important. I’m just one random chick these guys meet. Does my viewpoint matter? Does my attempt to stand up for myself AND to help them understand a female perspective make that big a difference?

Perhaps not.

But if the opportunity presents itself, it seems worthwhile to at least try.

And, yes, being an INTJ chick makes me WAY over-analytical!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond, Fubarus Rex!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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