I definitely feel for guys who are vertically challenged. It’s a tough reality. I have a story forthcoming with some additional thoughts (for what that’s worth) on the subject.

I had forgotten about a guy I dated who was probably 5'3" (maaaaaybe 5'4") when I was right out of grad school. He actually looked a bit like Tom Cruise, worked in accounting with me at a Big 5 firm (at the time, now Big 4), was smart, and I really enjoyed his company.

We only went out for a couple of weeks or so. He always fell asleep on our dates. (To be clear: we never had sex. It wasn’t some post-coital thing. He literally fell asleep during our dates.) Anyway, on our last date he finally opened up to me a bit. I started to open up, too. He cut me off and told me to stop talking. He then fell asleep again. I guess I left a little bit later.

He dumped me after that date.

So, yeah, dating’s never been easy for me!

Anyhoo, maybe there’s some Mensa cruise/meetup event for guys like you. (I’m smiling over here — this feels like it should be a thing even if it’s not currently.)

Hang in there and I’ll do the same!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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