Honestly, one of the main reasons I started writing about my dating stories was to be clearer about what online dating looks like. We all hear some version of “it’s awful.” That feels so vague.

My stories might not reflect what it looks like in another part of the country or for a different age bracket, but everything I write about is based on my experiences (plus the experiences of other guys and chicks I know).

My hope is that my stories resonate with other and/or provide some insight into the female mind. (Obviously, there are LOTS of differing female voices out there on love, relationships, dating, and sex. Mine is just one other floating around out there.)

In fact, your comment reminds me about a story I’ve been meaning to write. So, thank you for reading, responding, and inspiring me for a future story, JE!

Sidebar abut Austin: OKC is so bad that I finally deleted my profile. I’ve been warned that Plenty of Fish and Tinder are even worse. I share that so you can appreciate just how bad it is for women out there. (If I was a guy I would stay on OKC because I think there are some normal women out there, but from the female side almost all the normal guys above about 35 have moved to Bumble. Match is still fairly sane.) Good luck out there!

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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