Early 80’s New Wave Celebration

A BMT Mixtape

Bonnie Barton
4 min readFeb 27, 2019


Spandau Ballet, new wave studs/via Chrysalis-Reformation

The music from this era is some of my very favorite. I have had so much fun revisiting these songs! I can sincerely say that every single song chosen has put a big smile on my face!

Today I’m celebrating my best friend’s birthday AND the death of Talk Talk lead singer, Mark Hollis.

New wave music reminds me of my best pal and Talk Talk had some important contributions to that genre, so this mixtape feels like the perfect way to celebrate enduring friendship and music!

RIP to Mark Hollis. What a unique voice for 80’s alternative music! The music plays on…

If I had to pick only one new wave song that encapsulated the entire genre, I’d pick Haircut 100’s “Love Plus One.”

A dash of ska; the appropriate mixture of percussion, guitars, brass (sax AND trumpet), and keyboards; eclectic group of attractive band members; the ideal quirky quotient; and the perfect look.

Add in some slightly kooky lyrics, silly video, and an uber catchy chorus: new wave masterpiece!

Talk Talk makes their BMT debut today!

I’m a BIG fan of Talk Talk’s hits, but admit that much of their lesser known material is a little weird for my taste.

It’s My Life” is another new wave masterpiece!

And this live performance is QUITE the find. The vocal is so on point, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t the studio version.

The band is very strong and the audience’s enthusiasm is infectious!

In fact, I might prefer the live interpretation. The guitars and drumming have a stronger, more vibrant energy than the studio cut.



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