Distinctive Purses From British Designer, Kurt Geiger

I was familiar with the wonderful Kurt Geiger shoe line throughout London, but had no idea that there was also a purse/handbag line as well. While killing time at Heathrow upon returning home from my recent London/Venice trip, I spotted the Kurt Geiger duty-free shop. Naturally I stopped in!

I immediately was enamored with the purses: the line has quite the range from quirky to whimsical to chic to elegant. I took home the craziest one of the bunch!

I’m thrilled to share this British brand for my (mostly) American audience and will highlight my personal faves with prices as low as $40!

Velvet Kensington Bag in Blue, $165: I typically avoid velvet, but this was GORGEOUS in person. It’s really smartly designed, too. The pretty scarf handle is included, but both handles are detachable to give you maximum versatility. A very pretty, but practical bag!

Velvet Kensington Bag in Black, $65: For my budget minded audience, the black velvet version with silver studs is a fraction of the price of the navy velvet bag. The black quilted fabric runs more formal, but the silver eagle and silver studs give it a dash of rock ‘n roll, too. Style it to suit your personality!

Denim Kensington Bag, $155: This bag looks even better in person and could work for A LOT of my friends and followers. The denim feels more everyday and practical, but the gold detail and white distressing make it unusual and more fashion-forward. Even for more casual outings, you’ll stand out in all the right ways with this bag (or its larger version below).

Denim XXL Kensington Bag, $190: A larger option with a special handle and do not get me started on the DOUBLE EAGLE HEADS!

Mini Kensington Bag in Brown, $50: This fun leopard print is on sale! What a charming way to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe at a special price. Update: it is now sold out!

Poppy Soft Tote in Brown, $100: Since the adorable mini Kensington animal print purse is now sold out, I thought I’d include an alternate choice. Large, cozy, and more than a little kooky. Sadly, no eagle head, but this one is definitely fun, fun, fun!

Rhian Bow Tote in Black OR Pale Pink, $65: Oh, this one’s lovely AND on sale for a great price. Chic, romantic, and definitely not average. The pink would look perfect with my favorite trend, no?

Fabric Kensington Bag in Multi, $165: Are you kidding me?!? Bird fabric, ribbons, gold chain, and kooky-licious bedazzled eagle head detail? Sign. Me. Up!

Fabric Kensington Bag in Black/Gold OR Red, $50: For my bargain shoppers, both of these Kensington bags are more than 2/3 off! Note that the black has a swirly metallic floral pattern while the red bag has hot pink incorporated into the pattern. No crazy eagle head on this style, which might be preferential depending on your personality.

Leather Mini Kensington, $125: This was STUNNING in person! The blue is so vibrant and the leather has a subtle sheen so that it is very elevated. Truly a VERY special purse! Note that it is in the mini size, though, so it only holds “essentials”.

Leather Kensington Union Jack Bag, $240: This subtle nod to the iconic UK Union Jack is sophisticated with a dash of cheekiness. Also available in a dark grey with silver details. And includes my favorite bedazzled accessory: eagle head!

Mini Kensington Bag in Pink, $40: Um, ya’ll! I TOTALLY want this ridiculously trendy pink confection, especially at this sale price! Adorable and so crazy! Update: it is now sold out!

Leather Mini Kensington, $125: This was my favorite purse in the whole store. The only reason I didn’t buy it is that it is pretty small. It’s really a “night out” purse. It definitely has enough for my essentials, but no extra space for my day-to-day needs. Sadly, I left it at the store, but I am going to watch to see if it goes on sale. It is SO fun and the metallics look very lux!

Yep, I took this ridiculous rainbow metallic Leather Kensington Bag home with me! A multi-colored bejewled eagle head pushed me over the edge! I don’t even know what I’m going to wear this with, but who cares? It makes me smile and is delightfully absurd!

Kurt Geiger has even more offerings and a sale section, too. If you love something but would prefer a better price, let me know and I’ll watch to see if it goes on sale.

His line is truly lux for the price. This is a wonderful opportunity to buy something a bit off the American radar, so you can have something stylish and unique!

As always: you deserve to feel chic or fashionable or elegant or bold or glam at any age, any size, and any budget!

Happy shopping, friends, and remember to wear the good stuff!

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Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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Bonnie Barton

Bonnie Barton

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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