Crazy Chicks and Nice Guys

Lies Men and Women Tell Themselves in Dating

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The Crazy Chick

From my experience, the vast majority of guys in the dating world are lying (mostly to themselves) when they say they don’t want to date a crazy chick.

The Nice Guy

On the flip side, we hear women complaining about the inability to find nice guys. At best, men are confused or unable to commit. At worst, guys are jerks, users, and incapable of being faithful.

The Crazy Girl, the Bad Boy, and the Jerk

Upon further reflection, I see one major difference between the crazy girl, the bad boy, and the jerk. Usually, the crazy girl is incapable of hiding her crazy. She tends to show it immediately or very quickly. Usually a guy dating a crazy girl knows it within a few dates (if not the very first date).


You’ll see a consistent message in my writing about life in general and dating specifically: be honest!

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