All You Need is Love

For MY and YOUR Medium Pal, Iva Ursano

Bonnie Barton
3 min readFeb 7, 2019


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My followers know THIS is how I do love!

On behalf of myself and her many friends out here in Mediumland, I/we are sending Ms. Iva peace and love.

Believe it or not, I’ve only featured a cover of this song by my man, Noel Gallagher, as a larger story about his gig in Austin last year.

But I have yet to dedicate this song to anyone over the past (nearly) 18 months of BMT’s existence.

I’m glad I never did because once I landed on this earlier today, I knew I had the perfect person, the ideal song, and the right moment in time.

Thinking of you at this difficult time and wishing you better days ahead, my friend!

I don’t always include the original. (In fact, I typically don’t.)

But the Beatles really created a masterpiece with this one!

The horns! The strings! The love is overflowing!

And that call back to “She Loves You” — my favorite moment! Sir Paul got that delivery EXACTLY right!

We’ve got a slew of British icons (and a few non-Brits, too) on one stage rocking out together. Plus Buckingham Palace!

The entire performance is jubilant!

Parts of Love Actually are very successful. And, yes, others are ridiculous. I fall in the “Love Actually is a perfectly charming rom-com” camp.



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