I’m sorry that “fish kissing” was confusing. I has incorrectly assumed most people knew what that resembled. To be clear:

All three guys described it the same: the woman’s mouth is virtually closed and the mouth is a bit puckered (definitely not the selfie duck pout). The head bobs forward ever so slightly in a short repetitive motion. No tongue. No pulling. No sucking. No nibbling. The lips are coming at you directly straight on. It is not a warm up. That IS the kiss.

The kiss was so rigid that all three guys struggled to know what to do with it. The women were NOT opening their mouth or loosening their lips in any way. It did not lead to a more passionate kiss.

Perhaps Stella is on to something: maybe it is an avoidance kiss. I’ve always said “no” or turned my cheek. But perhaps it was an effort to minimize contact. It remains a mystery!

I can attest that these men did not enjoy this type of kiss. If that makes them judgmental, so be it. I’m in their camp. It does not sound like an enjoyable experience.

If women are fish kissing because they are uncomfortable, I hope that they will find the courage to be more forthright about their wishes. (In this case, I interacted enough with 2 of the 3 guys to confirm that they were not pushy or overbearing. Perhaps these women had different experiences with these guys than I did, but they are not jerks. I do not know the third guy well enough to confidently say whether he would be pushy or not. He was not with me, but our interaction was much more limited.)

If fish kissing is a thing, color me judgmental because I would not enjoy that.

Thank you for reading and responding!

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