A BMT Mixtape

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The Aran Islands, Ireland/credit: Jessica Knowlden via unsplash.com

My best pal and I took a short flight from London to Dublin. Then a train ride from Dublin to Galway. Then a bus. Then the ferry across the sea to Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran Islands.

A taxi ride. A wave of the hand from the driver with limited instructions: follow the slashes of white paint. You’ll find it.

Across the most verdant fields I’d ever seen. Over crumbling stone fences. We scanned the landscape looking for the next white marker.

Until we found our final destination.

November of 1992. No barricades. No tour guides. Aside…

A BMT Mixtape

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New wave icons, Modern English

As if we need further proof that I’m not normal, my latest mixtape is inspired by my adopted home from roughly 1997–2019, Texas.

I had a number of friends (heck, my son happened to be in Austin last week and was lucky to finally make it back to Mississippi) who were impacted by the brutal weather earlier this month. As Texans welcome warmer weather, I’m sending some positive vibes your way.

And music, duh.

The BMT musical dial hasn’t spun this wildly in awhile. I am definitely overdue for something truly ridiculous and this sucker hits the spot.

LOTS of…

A Song Parody of “Eye in the Sky” by the Alan Parsons Project

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Credit: Columbia Pictures

Don’t fight Cobra Kai in the sand
Wait for the tourney instead
LaRusso and Lawrence on the board
All-Valley spectators keepin’ score
No mercy
Johnny’s bloody nose
Daniel’s only chance is crane kicking

Don’t spray water on Johnny’s head
While he’s rolling his pot cigarette
Skeletons run out the party door
Daniel’s flagellation leaves him sore
He’s woozy
Decisions unwise
Miyagi saves him from a bad beating

I fight the Cobra Kai Waxing on and off, too I can kick you blind I protect the family jewels Follow Miyagi’s rules Sensie’s lost his mind And I don’t need to sand…

A BMT Mixtape

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Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn

I’m not a lyricist or a singer. I was a terrible guitar player for about 2 seconds in my 20s and a barely competent pianist as a kid. Those aren’t my gifts to share.

But this is. A mixtape for you.

Today’s picks unabashedly celebrate love. These are the classics. I’m chuckling — the classics through my quirky Bonnie lens, that is.

Truthfully, love is just the backdrop. Valentine’s Day and all that.

I knew I wanted a Nat King Cole song to anchor the mixtape but didn’t have any other preconceived notions. I knew the right picks would call…

A BMT Mixtape

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I’ll skip the knots and whips in exchange for a sweaty, plaintive Ian Curtis

I started this mixtape back in November or December. Once I landed on my title, I realized I should sit on it till closer to Valentine’s Day. I mean, if I’m going to reference Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s fitting, no?

Let me add that I’ve never read Fifty Shades of Grey nor seen more than a few minutes of any of the films. (I feel like accidentally stumbling upon one of them on E! doesn’t count if you don’t watch beyond 5 minutes.)

I do, however, hold Fifty Shades of Grey semi-responsible for the rapid demise of online dating…

A BMT Mixtape

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Credit: Muhammadh Saamy via unsplash.com

I never know where my inspiration will come from regarding my silly mixtapes. Often it’s something I hear driving in the car or while wasting far too much time on YouTube.

But sometimes actual humans I intersect with serve as the catalyst for sharing music. This is one of those times.

In typical Bonnie fashion, I’ve cast the net wide today. Although each of these singers shares a common thread by having a raspy quality to their singing, I’ve co-mingled genres, styles, and moods.

Lots of BMT faves made the cut today but I’ve got a few surprises in the…

A Song Parody of “Rio” by Duran Duran

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Credit: Gerd Altmann via pixabay.com

Trinity’s a spandex babe, she’s sent to recruit and entice
All black clothing style, trenchcoats are worth the price
Agent Smith is a threat, there will be a fight; the red pill leads him on a quest
Neo surely does wrestle as he passes the Oracle’s test

His name is Neo and he mindbends across the land
Just like those bullets stopped by his slow-mo hand
When Morpheus finds, he really shows you all he can
Oh Neo, Neo save mankind as preplanned

I’ve seen him at the beach and I’ve seen him with Gary Busey Bank robbing scars, bromancing…

A BMT Mixtape

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Piano pop maestros, Elton John and Billy Joel

How the heck have I managed not to create this theme until now?!?

You might assume that I’m a guitar girl. I’m not. I’m a piano/keyboard chick (though I do adore a great 80s sax). I will acknowledge that the cool-or-quirky-guy-playing-guitar thing has its, ahem, appeal.

Anyway, I was recently reflecting on the piano. Although the trumpet is my favorite instrument, it doesn’t make a lot of appearances in pop music or my beloved alt 80s scene.

I believe I have unearthed the reason why I’m such a fan of the piano. Freud would probably back my theory. Growing up…

A BMT Mixtape

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Sharp-dressed man with his killer guitar, Brian Setzer: Credit: Collin Stark

This chick loves an introspective tune any time of the year, but no time is better suited for moody melodies than fall.

As this mixtape revealed itself to me, I realized that I wasn’t looking for a one-note medley of melancholy tunes; rather, I’ve handpicked a spectrum of moods — from quiet to bold and everything in between!

Fall might be the most interesting time of the year for inspiration. It’s certainly not as bubbly and upbeat as summer. Obviously, it’s a time of transition and today’s picks reflect the layers of fall.

Maybe it’s heartbreak or impending heartbreak. Maybe…

He Disappoints Every Time

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Credit: StockSnap via pixabay.com

Gone Girl put the concept of “the Cool Girl” at the forefront of pop culture. No one has torched the Cool Girl better than the blistering Vanessa Torre.

But what about the Cool Guy? (To clarify: I’m not talking about the bad boy archetype.)

The Cool Guy. Laidback guy. Easy going guy. Go with the flow guy.

Is this really the person that men over 30 want to emulate?

It’s not Peter Pan syndrome per se. These guys have jobs. They’ve got bank accounts. They’ve had girlfriends. Maybe they’ve been divorced. They might even have kids.

But they revel in…

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Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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