A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

I’m still waiting for a time machine that beams me back to 1986 or 1989 or 1985. Until then, if I must listen to something from this century, this batch o’ tunes is a pretty great place to go.

It’s not fair to dismiss the past two decades. There have…

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

The alternate title for this mixtape is “Why Bonnie Will Always Hate Grunge.”

Just listen to these songs! If you loved this music (and obviously I did/do), having grunge cast such a large shadow on the alternative music scene sucked. …

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

I recently had the pleasure of reading Chris Zappa’s story about The Shore. He was right. I’d never heard of The Shore and I had been missing out!

I was instantly smitten by their early 2000s hazy rock ‘n roll harkening to Oasis, the Verve, and the Beach Boys. …

That I Feel Absolutely No Guilt About Adoring

Paul Combs recently created a collection of songs he was embarrassed to admit that he loved. He confessed to liking Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time,” so I will give him credit for a true attempt.

But he did not sink nearly low enough. Because I have even less shame…

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

Music and fashion have been intertwined since the dawn of time, but the 80s amped that relationship way up! While I appreciate a young, cocky Billy Idol in shredded leather circa 1981, that doesn’t really correlate with my sapiosexual tendencies.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate black leather on occasion? But…

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

When I first started writing about music (on Facebook as musical birthday dedications to my friends), my inspiration virtually always came from someone.

My writing has evolved so that now I never know when inspiration will strike! I’ve learned to embrace that and rarely question myself regarding my silly writing…

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

Frequently, alt 80s itself is ample inspiration for me.

Today’s mixtape doesn’t have a grand story. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. It may lack a random Bonnie origin tale but it doesn’t shortchange you in great music!

You’ll find loads of 80s and 90s dudes for your listening pleasure…

My Open Letter to the Queen of Supplements

Dear Ms. Somers,

I was one of the millions who watched your Oprah appearance in January of 2009. I was just old enough (in my mid-30s) to have a mild interest in the show but just young enough to dismiss the bulk of it.

Most of us knew you as…

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

I realize that the ridiculous meter for me is always set pretty high. But I blew up the meter with today’s mixtape.

You may or may not like all/any of the picks today, but I can promise you won’t be bored! …

A BMT Mixtape for The Riff

It’s not uncommon for me to bring up my music blogging fairly quickly when matching with someone on various dating apps. I’ll ask about their favorite music to learn more about them and, if appropriate, send them one of my mixtapes that incorporates the kind of music they’re into.


Bonnie Barton

Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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