A Song Parody of “Rio” by Duran Duran

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Credit: Gerd Altmann via pixabay.com

Trinity’s a spandex babe, she’s sent to recruit and entice
All black clothing style, trenchcoats are worth the price
Agent Smith is a threat, there will be a fight; the red pill leads him on a quest
Neo surely does wrestle as he passes the Oracle’s test

His name is Neo and he mindbends across the land
Just like those bullets stopped by his slow-mo hand
When Morpheus finds, he really shows you all he can
Oh Neo, Neo save mankind as preplanned

I’ve seen him at the beach and I’ve seen him with Gary Busey
Bank robbing scars, bromancing with Swayze
Death by tidal wave he did excuse
Utah and Bodhi silently bid…

A BMT Mixtape

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Piano pop maestros, Elton John and Billy Joel

How the heck have I managed not to create this theme until now?!?

You might assume that I’m a guitar girl. I’m not. I’m a piano/keyboard chick (though I do adore a great 80s sax). I will acknowledge that the cool-or-quirky-guy-playing-guitar thing has its, ahem, appeal.

Anyway, I was recently reflecting on the piano. Although the trumpet is my favorite instrument, it doesn’t make a lot of appearances in pop music or my beloved alt 80s scene.

I believe I have unearthed the reason why I’m such a fan of the piano. Freud would probably back my theory. Growing up my dad played the banjo (he taught himself by watching a weekly PBS show — yes, seriously) and the piano (he had a baby grand in his bedroom as a teen — yep, he was that hip). …

A BMT Mixtape

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Sharp-dressed man with his killer guitar, Brian Setzer: Credit: Collin Stark

This chick loves an introspective tune any time of the year, but no time is better suited for moody melodies than fall.

As this mixtape revealed itself to me, I realized that I wasn’t looking for a one-note medley of melancholy tunes; rather, I’ve handpicked a spectrum of moods — from quiet to bold and everything in between!

Fall might be the most interesting time of the year for inspiration. It’s certainly not as bubbly and upbeat as summer. Obviously, it’s a time of transition and today’s picks reflect the layers of fall.

Maybe it’s heartbreak or impending heartbreak. Maybe it’s love — a quiet, more intimate interpretation of love. And maybe it’s simply a mood that captures cooler days, falling red and gold leaves, and blooming camellias. …

He Disappoints Every Time

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Credit: StockSnap via pixabay.com

Gone Girl put the concept of “the Cool Girl” at the forefront of pop culture. No one has torched the Cool Girl better than the blistering Vanessa Torre.

But what about the Cool Guy? (To clarify: I’m not talking about the bad boy archetype.)

The Cool Guy. Laidback guy. Easy going guy. Go with the flow guy.

Is this really the person that men over 30 want to emulate?

It’s not Peter Pan syndrome per se. These guys have jobs. They’ve got bank accounts. They’ve had girlfriends. Maybe they’ve been divorced. They might even have kids.

But they revel in being easy going and laid back. …

A BMT Mixtape

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Credit: Hope Aye via pexels.com

I am WAY overdue for a musical dedication. I heard a song, probably “Sexy Eyes,” the other day and knew I had a kernel of an idea for a future mixtape.

A few days later I was flabbergasted when I read that the fabulous Niki Marinis’ last serious relationship ended a year ago. I guess time truly does march on.

I know she’s been working on healing herself, nonetheless, I have grieved for my friend. I’ve thought of her often this week and because I am not a normal human, this is how I’m honoring her.

So…today’s mixtape features songs about eyes! She’s got some of the most striking, so why not?!? …

A BMT Mixtape

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Marvin Gaye intersects with the Beatles

This is one of those mixtape themes that I find myself shocked I’ve never knocked out until today. Lots of testosterone and some very Bonnie veers — I might not have come up with the most original theme, but I think I make up for it with my wide variety of picks.

What’s fun about this one is I cast the net across the decades. Granted, there’s an emphasis on 80s and 90s alternative bands, but that’s my jam, amiright?

Anyhoo, the usual BMT trappings are here: live performances, outside-the-box picks, and fantastic voices! …

A BMT Mixtape

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Credit: N. via unsplash.com

Several years ago I saw a fashion spread featuring alternative music studs (think Bryan Ferry and David Gahan) rockin’ stylish suits. They still had the look!

Although this is certainly not an exhaustive list, I’ve created a mixtape featuring a handful of male and female vocalists/bands who sound and look as fabulous as ever! Honestly, I think some of them look better now than they did 35 years ago!

The usual BMT trappings are on display: familiar singers, live performances, obscure finds, and forgotten favorites with the added bonus of amazing hair, wise fashion choices, and a pair of black shades. …

A BMT Mixtape

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Credit: Sammy-Williams via pixabay.com

I’ve had problems with my Bonnie’s Mixed Tape publication being locked, so I’ll self-publish my music until/if that can be resolved.

My summer was an emotional roller coaster. In fact, July was one of the hardest months of my life. August wasn’t so great either.

I managed to encounter every shyster, cheat, liar, and scoundrel in town. Fortunately, I had some people looking out for me, too, but it’s been a ROUGH couple of months!

So today’s mixtape is a shout-out to all the thieves, shady people, and crooks. Y’all suck!

But you know what doesn’t suck? All of these fabulous tunes! As always, I’m bringing: obscure picks, awesome live performances, and favorite singers. …

A BMT Mixtape

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Rocker babe, Pat Benatar, NEVER fakes it!

Look, I get the references to How Stella Got Her Groove Back. For a steamy minute, my life intersected with a really hot WAY younger dude.

But he’s gone now and I’ve barely heard from him. I can’t be upset with him. He deserves this new start, this freedom.

Of course, it was flattering to have someone so cool, so handsome, and so smart to take a brief interest in me, but my real-life resumes. And that life doesn’t suddenly include some amazing age-appropriate guy stumbling into my periphery.

In today’s Bonnieland, back-to-back storms are hitting my coastal pocket, my house has ongoing issues, and I’m in a fight right now with the shysters who sold me a piece of junk golf cart. (Seriously. How can my life be this ridiculous? …

A Love Letter to My Benjamin Braddock

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Credit: Chris Carroll via pixabay.com

The water in the bath has grown cold but neither of us wants to break the spell. I cling to the magic a little longer, brushing your damp bangs out of your face with my fingertips as I lean in to meet your kiss.

In this moment, I’m struck by how handsome you look. My mind lands on a fleeting memory from years and years ago. You weren’t even alive then and I chuckle with a slight smirk at our age difference. Well, more accurately, at my middle-aged self.

I share this memory from my youth with you. From a pre-Internet era when Abercrombie and Fitch sent oversized, vaguely artsy, black and white catalogs featuring well-chiseled models. …


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Queen of mixtapes. Lover of music, travel, and fashion. Authentic sharer of life lessons and dating foibles.

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